We offer three types of Licenses :


  • You are not permitted to open, edit or modify our products.
  • Converting to paths or editing in software programs such as Illustrator are permitted, as long as the results are NOT converted to the new fonts or different format file for sale without our permission.
  • Re-distributing (include selling giving away for free, as a part of products) without license are NOT permitted.
  • Editing the files name into new digital product name are NOT Allowed. This is not an original font creation and does not negate the original license terms.
  • Respect for copyright. The legal consequences of using non-licensed or adapted fonts can be very expensive and result in the removal of all offensive copies.
  • All the original copies of the downloaded files are still exclusively Qaratype property.
  • For more information about extended license, please contact us.

Desktop License

License Usage:

    • 2 Computer Installation
    • 5 Commercial Project
    • Unlimited Personal Project
    • Unlimited Usage for Non Monetized Social Media (YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook).
    • End Product For Sale (Product/Print Ads): Up to 1,000 Sales/Prints/Pcs

Webfont License

License Usage:

    •  3 Computer Installation
    • 1 Website/Blog
    • Embedding fonts using @font-face

E-Pub License

License Usage:

    • E-book/Publishing/Social Media
    • 10 Trademark logo
    • 5 Computer Installation
    • Unlimited for publications intended for Kindles, iPads or other PDF Readers
    • Unlimited digital copies
    • Unlimited monetized social media usage : Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube.

App & Game

License Usage:

    • 5 App & 2 Game ( including Unlimited monetized social media usage : Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube.)
    • Unlimited App Views or Game Views
    • 2 Trademark logos 
    • 7 Computer Installation

Corporate License

License Usage:

    • 5 Corporate/Brand
    • Unlimited User & Installation
    • Unlimited logo usage
    • Unlimited Commercial Project
    • Unlimited Web Views
    • Unlimited Broadcasting
    • Unlimited Social Media & Blog
    • Unlimited Apps & Server
    • Unlimited End Product for Sale
    • Nationally & Worldwide


If your usage doesn’t meet our existing licenses, you may to contact us for a custom license to cover your commercial usage of any Qaratype.